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Tamil Wedding Custom and Rituals to Make It Vibrant and Visual Affair

Posted on Nov 23, 2017

Tamil wedding is quite simple and realistic ceremony that joins Tamil bride and groom in a loving lifetime relationship. Tamil wedding and Tamil matrimony is really so interesting traditional occasion that keeps cultural and religious touches in each custom. This is a sacred ceremony includes old age custom and rituals to seek good luck to the couple by adoring their family deity. Marriage brings colorful and joyful moments all around the ceremony. Family friends, distant relatives and chief guests are invited to participate in this official alliance of the matchmaking couple.


This is horoscope matching process to finalize the matching likes and dislikes of the couple as well as fixed an auspicious wedding date and time.

Panda Kaal Muhurtham

Panda kaal muhuratha is a second custom takes place a day before the marriage whereupon both families arrange a prayer to seek blessings and peaceful ending of the ceremony.

Pallikai Thellichal

Next ceremony takes place soon while nine types of grains are mixed with curd and stow it in seven ornate pots with sandalwood. And after this all these pots are dunked into the water for fishes.

Nichayathartham (Engagement)

Engagement ceremony begins with Ganesh puja wherein both families take place to complete matrimonial formalities. The future bride and groom exchange rings and gifts to each other. The groom’s family offers jewelry and saree to the bride.

Kashi Yatra

Groom is ready by wearing traditional attire here he just shows off that not interested to get married with bride. The bride’s father describes the significance of marriage to groom then he keeps moving on towards mandap.