Muslim Marriage System With Progressive Thoughts

Posted on April 30, 2018

Muslim marriage system is based on descriptive analysis where not only the male has to pay for the amount of Mehar but every thing in it is well documented. In this marriage system one has to find the perfect bride and it ca be said to be easy as according to every age one gets the Muslim bride. The one which can be said to bring the best of the bride which is all about getting the selective person in life.If one has to think about the personal thoughts then as the population of Muslims are getting progressive it helps in the best of the ways to initiate the marriage system.

When one thought about asking the person to get the best of the educated Muslim bride or groom they can go over the internet and see the matrimonial website to find the perfect partner for them. Now, talking about the Muslim marriage system all you need is that first a person has to get a Qazi and then register the marriage at the local Masjid. After that the Ulema gives the proper date according to the Islamic calendar which is “Hijri San” and then further it takes down all the details. The person who takes all the intrinsic details would be knowing that there is the decision to buy the clothes and utensils which are to be provided for the bride family. Also, sweets and various other fruits are bought to give the family which is an essential part of the marriage system.

Once the marriage date is set on the respective adte rings are exchanged just like the sagai system and after which the family from both ends I.e. the bride and the groom take the best of the ways to understand each other families. The final date comes when the marriage has to be initiated which is done through the Qazi attending the function and thus the vow is done with the three times acceptance of kubulnama. Once, the marriage is done through the person who visit the marriage hall the feast start which is according to the capability and thus the people enjoy the food.

In this way, one can understand that the only difference is that the Muslims bride are given more importance and the people give more respect towards the Qazi and the seniors which makes the people get the blessings of Allah and thus enjoy the fruit of Edens which is a gift by the Almighty to the people.