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Tamil Wedding- Simple Wedding with High Thinking Attributes

Posted on 14 Aug, 2018

Tamil is one of the community which has closely guarded is culture and traditions. Whether it is any puja or marriage they have their own uniqueness and charm. A community which is typically referred as Madrasi because of the nearness to Chennai or Madras. One of the most educated people down-south and great Kingdoms such as Cholamandalam, Pandya or Chera kingdoms.

Now, if we talk about the marriage rituals it is very elaborate and every step resembles one or the other tradition which is followed with respect and one can say that their education reflects at every step.

Here are the few steps in Tamil wedding which can be said to put stress on their life of simple wedding and high-thinking:

Nakshatra-Porutham: The Nakshatra or the stars which are prominent part of one's life and resembles auspicious work are consulted. It means the kundali milan or matching of horoscope like wedding date or muhurtha and other rituals.

Marriage agreement: The marriage agreement is drafted by the priests as the priest plays an important role in the marriage. a meeting is arranged at groom's house and the traditional custom is followed where sweets and gifts are exchanged. The platter which consists of bunch of bananas, betel leaves, betel nuts and coconut is presented to each other families.

Panda-kaal Muhurtham: This ritual is observed by bride's and grooms together. The families visit a temple or organize special puja at one of the homes. A prayer is offered to almighty for the well being of the family and also wedding should happen without any obstacles.

Sumangala Prarthanai: A special puja directed towards sumangalis or married woman who took part during various rituals of wedding. The woman is grouped in odd numbers like 5 or 7 and thus after puja they are treated with respect. The blessings are asked by the bride and the women are gifted sarees and special lunch.

Pallikal Thellichal: Earthenware pots are decorated with vermilion and sandalwood paste by five or seven married women. Inside each pot is nine different types of grains or navdhanyaam are placed along with bit of curd.

Vrutham: The ritual takes place at groom's place at groom's place on early morning of the day before the wedding. The day signifies transition of groom from bachelorhood or brahmcharya phase of life. In a ceremony of same tradition is followed at bride's place and a yellow thread is tied around the waist of bride which is said to protect from evil energy.

There are few more Rituals which has the same significance of warding off evil and after which the marriage is performed. http://www.arabwedding.com The bride and grooms wear traditional attire and thus the wedding rituals are performed such as:

• Mangalsnanam
• Gauri Puja
• Kashi yatra
• Pada puja
• Mallaimatral
• Oonjal
• Kanyadanam
• Muhurtham
• Saptapadi

Also, the post wedding rituals such as reception, https://www.muslimwedding.com Sammandhi Maryathai, Palladannam, Grihapravesham along with Valeyadal and Maruvidu Varudal.

The wedding rituals are very elaborate which one can see from the above mentioned tradition but it can be also said that the culture is very serious to follow its traditions. Thus, it is one of the most protected of the civilizations and still flourishing.